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What people are saying about Roger and the Boys!

MUSIC REVIEW: James Montgomery, Roger Ceresi's All Starz at the C-Note)

Review of the All Starz Performance at The Tri-City Elks on March 9, 2012

Read the latest article about Roger in the Sun Rise in Johnston, RI!

"Rog Thanks so much for professionalism, patience and sense of humor last night pal...." - D. Reed

"The band sounded great, thanks so much for the dedication,that was awesome, and I think I even got the whole thing on video in case no one believes me. Rob did a great job on Johnny B Goode. If you want to do anymore radio in the future just let me know..." - Larry (WRIU Radio)

"Hi Roger I loved your band's performance yesterday and I know the few thousand on the Quad did too. Well done, great music and lots of fun." - David L.

"Roger, Thank you to you and your band for putting on such a wonderful performance yesterday.
You helped us rock the Quad for the 125th!
" - J. Esposito re: URI 125th Celebration

"U deserve the best. Of life! Keep up that beautiful
Music. ! It helps people who have. Worries etc ! Just listening to your great band. - makes life living!!!! No reply needed! Just want u to know u are. Well worth all the. Hard work u guys do. To make people. Happy!! A fabulous band and a great singer!! May God watch over u so I can hear and dance to your fabulous band !!!"
- Anonymous Fan

"You're welcome and thank you again!! Your great music, warm outgoing spirit, enthusiasm helps us all 'forget about life' for a while." - Rosemary, President of Shoreline Swing

"Thanks Roger, I really enjoyed our musical collaboration. You are a terrific vocalist..." - Steve D. (Jazz Guitarist)

"Roger does it again...He leaves it all on the Knickerbocker stage... heart, soul, and a huge vocal tour-de-force !!!! The Boyz, with Roger at the helm, raise the bar and keep everyone in the audience engaged and dancing for 3 plus hours...Yes, I said 3+ hours, because at 10 past 11:00 PM they continue to crank out soulful tunes of every genre imaginable shifting gears from R & B, to Swing, to Regae....Is there anything these talented guys CAN'T DO.... I think NOT..." - Frank P. re: Knickbocker Gig 12/10/16

"Great Job Roger at the Elks last eve. ...Your band and especially your voice gets better as the years go on...You are a true Olympic athlete of the "VOICE" !!!! A pleasure to be entertained by you and watch people enjoy your music..." - Frank P. re: Elks Gig 9/17/16

"Roger, ... We have become groupies of your music and I check the website all the time to find where you are playing. We have told friends of ours that even if you're not a dancer, your music is really good to listen to. We'll be seeing you soon I hope. Thanks again for a great night. You never disappoint." - Ann re: Blessing of the Fleet 2016

"Roger, Thank you for the great music last night. It's been a while since I've heard a great "live" swing band and I swear it's like a drug!! As soon as I got out of the car in the parking lot and heard the music I got so excited!!! ..." - Rosemary (2016)

"We had a great time and the band was really rockin'. Thanks for a great time." - Don H. (2016)

"It was GREAT to see you and the band on Friday night in W Hartford. The band still sounds great and it's always a joy to listen and dance to you guys." - Robert (2016)

"Your performance level raises the bar for all good bands and is solid gold that you can take to the bank." - Frank P. re: 2016 All Starz performance at Knickerbocker

"Roger - I remember. You got great pipes my friend, and Gary is a great guitar player. Rock on." - Mark Q. (2016)

"Roger - Well-known and respected in RI. Should be in the RI Music Hall of Fame!" - Frank B. (2016)

"Roger--you and the band were awesome!!" - Sally A.

"Go get um Roger!!!! Thank you for the help for this Noble cause!!!!" - Robert "Bob" S.

"So true Rog! You nail that song every time. I always look forward to hearing you sing it for me."- Maggie C. re: Maggie Mae

"Thanks Roger!! Always a pleasure playing with the All Starz!!" - Don C.

"Roger, Always a pleasure sir! You guys sounded great! I’m sure we’ll run into each other soon. Rock on!" - Scott H.

"You guys are great. Thank you so much for all the birthday joy! I am having a great bday being sufficiently spoiled by my lovely family. Had a splendid time dancing to Roger Ceresi and the All Starz last night! So great to see my dancing buddies. Great weekend! Looking forward to a great year!" - Andy W.

"Roger, Always a pleasure sir! You guys sounded great! I’m sure we’ll run into each other soon. Rock on!" - Scott H.

"Yeah, Rog. The band sounded great, people loved it. Lots of fun. Sounded like you had added some material that was not strictly R&B to broaden your set list - that was a good idea, people like it." - Rich R.

"YOU are awesome and you bring that out of any crowd you perform for." - Maria P.

"Yeah, Rog. The band sounded great, people loved it. Lots of fun. Sounded like you had added some material that was not strictly R&B to broaden your set list - that was a good idea, people like it." - Rich

"I continue to be impressed by Roger - a great musician who hires other musicians AND let's them shine!" - Carolyn S.

" ... I really like the sound of your voice. Often, I close my eyes to listen and can hear so much depth and soulfulness in your voice..especially that Eric Clapton song...made me melt! .the first time you tried the Eagles tunes?..wow...they sounded really great...i actually like how you sang it better then Don Henley!....the 3 of you together are amazing...John , of course is an incredible guitar player.." - Paula C.

"Mr. Ceresi's vocal has the rare, valuable combination of soulful authenticity tempered with clear, clean precision. A polished but accessible front-man, he knows how to step up and when to hand off, always showcasing the talents of his truly estimable band." - Chris Congdon, The Side Door Jazz Club

"ABSOLUTELY a GREAT nite Roger!!!
Always so much fun. We all LOVE you guys – as in.... our FAVORITE Band : - )"
- Mary F. from CT

"You were all AMAZING last Saturday & always so much fun! Thank you so much.
I am looking forward to seeing all of you on Feb 6th in West Hartford. You are by far my favorite band : - ) "
- Mary F.

"Roger- Awesome fun last night! Thank you- Happy 2015!" - Sally & Ron

"Awesome concert today! First time I heard you guys! LOVE IT!" - D. Carson re: Russell Library, December 2014

"We really enjoyed the music and everyone loved you guys! From my 82 yr old mom to my littlest 3-yr-old nephew, the trio provided the perfect musical entertainment for our celebration." - Patti and Doug

"You guys sounded fantastic." - C. Cooke re: misquamicut festival 2014

"Roger it was nice to meet you and hear your band. What a bunch of talented guys you have. Great band and you are a great front man. I really enjoyed sitting in with you guys.I hope we can do it again soon. Thank you again it was a pleasure." - E. Peabody, KG Audio

"... You guys kicked it the other night what a great atmosphere." - R. Brothers (re: 2014 WaterFire)

"We've experienced this event; amazing!!!" - L. Compagnone-Kalucki (re: 2014 WaterFire)

"I think I speak for the entire team in that we are prepared to follow you to the gates of HELL or even central falls to advance the cause of ROGER MUSIC (my phrase) ...." - Doug James (re: 2014 WaterFire)

"You are a great band !!!!!!" - K. Stelljes (re: 2014 WaterFire)

"Looking good, my friend Roger!" - M. Jacques (re: 2014 WaterFire)

"WOO HOO! Great show!You Rock!" - C. Sullivan (re: 2014 WaterFire)

"Wow, what a terrific night! I want to thank all of you again on behalf of myself, the entire Ballroom staff, PK and all of WaterFire for your hard work and great energy that contributed to making last night's event so successful. You all did such a great job and are such talented performers..." - A. Witkower/waterfire providence/stage mgr (re: 2014 WaterFire)

"We sure did! I danced 'til my feet were screamin', my hair was drippin', and my neck was turned sideways from spinnin'! Had a blast - can't wait to do it all again." - S. Lee (re: 2014 WaterFire)

"Nice to see you also Roger. You guys are the perfect band f8r waterfire." - C. LaMontagne (re: 2014 WaterFire)

"You Tube Roger. Rob Nelsons awesome on johnny b goode.Clarence Frogman Henry's l don't know why o love you is my of my favorites.That was with a freight train bonus feature.Great mix of horns,guitars,and drums.Your vocals speak for themselves.Roger you guys are a cut above the rest.My wife could dance all nite too you guys.I guess you could say i'm impressed.." - T. Meagher

"You and Gary are still the most talented and best sounding Duo!! You compliment my place." - Dave F., Owner, Fountain Street Grille

"I had a ball. You and the band are awesome. Thanks for the great music." - M. Weingart

"I've always said on stage you are in your element and amazing!" - Steven R.

"Roger Ceresi does it again! Fabulous stage presence backed by superb musicianship is the constant recipe you always bring to each engagement. No one can sing "The Summer Wind" the way you do… dead on target and Sinatra Proud… You made the East Lyme/Shoreline Swing Dance an evening of great fun and stunning entertainment." - F. Procaccini

"Hi, we saw you in Providence at Water Fire and thought you and the band were great. My daughter's a trumpet player, and I wanted to show her a band with a real horn section." - Jeff

"Hi Roger! Great to hear from you! I know, I saw you guys playing. I was working on the electrics crew that night at the event. You guys sounded great!" - B. Sawyer, Director of Special Events, The Gloria Gemma Foundation

"Great job Roger!! You really kept things positive and fun--a true entertainer! I look forward to working with you again! Cheers" - Jess Powers, Stage Manager for WaterFire in Providence

"Roger, Thank you for your energy and rocking the stage on Saturday. You and your band are troopers. I did get to see some of your first set and true to form you guys are professionals and always bring the fun and energy to the stage. All though not heavily attended it was one of the highlights of the night. Jess also had nothing but good things to say about you also and that your band was the draw for that area. Thank you and please thank all of your band members on our behalf for a performance well done!" - Paul Kochanek, Director of Events and Operations for Providence WaterFire

"Wow Roger.. great stuff.. really enjoyed the vids... you are a human dynamo!!" - D. Stevens

"We had a great time on our honeymoon in the Dominican - nice and relaxing (exactly what we needed!). Everyone loved the band - we all had a great time. It was perfect. Everything we could have asked for. You guys were awesome." - Dave & Felicia B.

"Oh yea BABY! You were awesome, but the ALLSTARZ they ROCKED!" - Christine S.

"You and Gary rocked last night!" - Dave E., Owner Fountain Street Grille

"You sound great Roger! Great job on 'Tupelo Honey'" - John C, Beaver Brown Band/Eddie & the Cruisers

"Roger, Just wanted to thank you! Great night! People are talking!" - Tom F., Promoter for The BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS OF RI

"Roger, It is great working with you again, what a pleasure to hear your voice and your feel.I have an enormous amount of respect for the work and effort you've put in to hone your craft. Brother you sound Great!" - Dave B., SAX PLAYER & CONDUCTOR FOR THE NEW PROVIDENCE BIG BAND


"Great performance the other night at Roots Café!" - Gail A.

"You so ROCKED it. I am ready to do it again!! Hugs" - M. Weingart (former president Shoreline Swing)

"Roger, We had so much fun last night dancing to your music. Thank you so much for keeping swing music and dance alive!" - Trace P.

"Roger, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you and Gary for being part of my birthday celebration. Everyone had a blast and you guys were such a huge part in making that happen! You even impressed my Dad and that is no small feat..." - Heather W.

"THANK YOU! You guys NEVER disappoint! Great evening, GREAT music. The 88's love you guys!" - Stacy

"You did an amazing job Roger. We were all were extremely happy with how good you did. You took control of the songs and kept the show on track. I got many compliments form people as well. Hopefully we can even play some more shows with you. Thanks Again we can`t thank you enough!" - Band Leader of Groovematics

"Good morning Roger, ... We really enjoy seeing you play, especially when you play with the “trio”. ... Zach really enjoyed you singing “Into the Mystic”. Yes, you’re right, he said “you own that song when you sing it”... Stephen puts you at the top of the list of RI musicians. We’re so glad we get to enjoy your voice and music every time we see you." - C. Sullivan

"Roger Ceresi. It was great to see you last night. You still sound great belting out the tunes. Thatnks for the song. Rock on." - Amy T.

"Wow! ... he (Curtis Salgado) was the inspiration to John Belushi for the Blues Brothers movie.
AND - he sang lead on Robert Cray's first album - AND was the lead vocalist for Santana not long ago - AND a Roomful singer for a spell. HE ROCKS - and hell yes, Rog - I hear so much of you when I hear him sing. (Cuz, you rock, too!)"
- R. Soares

"Hi Roger!!! ... I did check out your cd .. Fantastic !!! ::-) glad to see you are doing do well ! ... Keep
- C. Tougas

"Roger, I like song 'How Long'. You sing really good!" - J. Peters

"Hey, Rog. Just wanted to say I heard you do some nice singing last night - great job." - R. Ribb

"You folks were amazing last night at Swing City, I didn't want to go home!" - J. Parry

"Roger, It's been awhile since I heard you sing and your singing sounds fantastic! Real good! You get stronger as time goes by. You almost made me cry listening to you sing that Elmore James tune." - Doug James

"Of music at the elks! You guys were on fire! Love the new material. You guys can pull off anything with pizzazz!" - Grazie

"The band is excellent! They rock my soul. :-)" - Shirley P.

"You guys sounded great yesterday.... I cant get over your voice!! Thank you for letting me sing! It was so fun!!!" - Elizabeth M.

"My boyfriend and I take lessons at Providence Swings and everyone there raves about your band, but this was the first time we got to hear you. It won’t be the last, though. You were great – can’t wait to see you again!" - April F. (re 2012 WaterFire)

"I always say no one sings that song better - not even Elvis." - Chuck (re" "All Shook Up" on 2nd CD)

"Nice to see you Roger. We enjoyed the show very much, Great Band! Front guys not to bad either lol. Enjoyed watching you Roger, you can tell you have a passion for music and enjoy what you do." - Larry Q. (re 2012 WaterFire)

"Great show Roger!" - Diane H. (re 2012 WaterFire)

"You guys were great at td banks Waterfire Event." - Eric C. (re 2012 WaterFire)

"FANTASTIC tonight....as always!!! Thanks guys for a wonderful show!!! And BIG thanks for the shout out to the 88s! You know we love you!!!" - Stacylyn (re 2012 WaterFire)

"Thoroughly enjoyed the show on Saturday night. Everyone was rockin ‘ What a crowd. Looking forward to the next one." - Susan (re 2012 WaterFire)

"What a great article about you in the Johnston Sun Rise.
Keep that great music coming. And yes you do have the best band members. They are all professional. Thanks for the best music ever." -
Dennis B.

"Nice article Rog, you deserve it...but best of all you really are a truly nice person with a big heart for everybody!!! A true winner in my book!" - Martie H.

"I am so happy you will be performing at Waterfire again. That night is the most exciting and awesome night of the year, it's better than fireworks. They should rename it the night you play "Water Fireworks" Your music and style lights up the night better than Fourth of July." - Carol

"I did have a great time Roger...never a bad one when you're taking the stage...see you again at another venue...and then WATERFIRE!!!" - Don M.

"Great Article!! Your grand parents were the best. They loved & nurtured you. I still remember them. What a wonderful way to pay tribute to them by using the Ceresi name. You did forget to mention Yank Ragosta as one on your drum teachers. Do you remember when he would pick us up for lessons. Thanks for teaching me my first drum set groove." - B. Andrews

"Proud to have known you in the 4th grade and continue that pride today. Congrats, Roger. You've earned everything you've worked so hard for. You gave your grandparents their reward for what they did for you. Keep Rockin!" - A. C. Ciampanelli

"Roger Ceresi's All Starz were fantastic! Roger can really get a crowd up and dancing. He brings the audience in and makes the evening fly by with his powerful voice and high energy. You have not seen live music until you've seen Roger Cerrsi's All Starz!!" - lmcduff3 in "Warwick Beacon"

"Mr. Ceresi is a true professional and a talented performer. He can really get a crowd movig with his energy and powerful vocals. For those who have not heard this mult-talented performer, you are really missing out! Roger also has a trio and duo that performs across the state." - lmcduff3 in Johnston "Sun Rise"

"Good morning Roger,. I love having you play here, you bring a great energy and karma to the room." - Jeff, Owner Mariner Grille

"... comes from the inside out Roger! And I've seen you in action shakin a leg! or a serenade! You always get the house jumping. ... "- Cathryn

"Joe and I had soooo much fun. You were amazing! We will be back! Love you all." - Margaret & Joe

"Miss you and your amazing voice and personality Roger, hope all is well and I see you soon." - Kathleen

"Good News! We have been playing your new Album on WOMR 92.1 fm and WFMR 91.3 fm on not only my Blues show but on several other shows and the response has been terrific. The Chuck Berry song “Back to Memphis ” that you cover is updated perfectly with the horns and guitar and your spot on vocals. The same applies to the Lloyd Price piece “Questions” with the great drivin’ horn arrangement. Chuck Willis’s “Take It Like A Man” takes you back to the swingin’ glory days of the Savoy Ballroom. My personal fav is “Snatchin’ It Back”. It has that new soul revival sound that we all love. Take this as a compliment; it also sounds very Curtis Delgado like. “ON THE RIGHT TRACK” is a killer new album that is proof positive of our current Blues revival, nice going!" - T Gandolfo, WOMR/WFMR Cape Cod Community Radio

"Just love your new CD "on the right track"...I do dance aerobics to it every day!" - Lillian

"You guys were great!" - Ron & Lucille (2011 WaterFire)

"It's rare to find such a hoppin' sound these days, Mr. Ceresi. Glad you're out there doing what you do!" - Melissa (2011 WaterFire)

"Another great A+++ show with a band that holds the bar high musically and the performance / entertainment expectation for the audience as #1. A great song list with tempos that do not drive the audience off the floor. Take care and see you soon for more Ceresi Magic..." - Frank (re: WaterFire 2011)

"Yes, it was wonderful. Thank you so much Roger, for coming out again and joining us. It’s always a pleasure to have you in the Ballroom." - Kanoko (re: WaterFire 2011)

"Dear Roger Ceresi and his amazing All Stars, A million thank-you's for your outstanding performance this past Saturday May 28th, 2011. You put on an amazing show that kept the entire crowd dancing and smiling. So from all of us at WaterFire and everyone in attendance. Thank you, and we look forward to working with you for an 8th straight year." Gary, WaterFire Providence

"Got your new CD and it’s really sensational, much to my taste with lots of R&B flavor. By the way, you sound a lot like Curtis D. on “Snatchin’ It Back”, nice going." - T. Gandolfo re: "On the Right Track"

"Dear Mr. Ceresi, Had a blast listening to you & the band Saturday night. Incredible energy! I was the one extending my tripod up to the performers. I've posted some extracted frames from the videos I shot Saturday night and placed them here http://gallery.me.com/imagesdv#100414&bgcolor=black&view=grid. The first 15 were shot from 100 feet away (again, these are video frames, 30 every second, not still pictures). The rest were near the stage or dance floor........ Thanks, and again I thought the band was super!" - Wayne, re: Waterfire on 9/17/10

"Hey guys! Thank you SOOO much for a top notch evening Saturday! As always, the band was on fire! The benefit raised approx $6500 I believe (waiting on final figures still...). For sure, that was in large part due to the All Starz headlining the event!!! You guys are the best!!!" - Stacy re: 2010 Benefit for Mt. Hope Learning Center

"Hi Roger, I am a Blues DJ on WOMR 92.1 FM Cape Cod’s Community Radio Station. I also am on the Program Committee and serve on the Board of Directors. I’m our Blues coordinator and produce our Music Benefit Events. Caught you at the North River Blues fest and you guys were terrific." - T. Gandolfo

"Definitely # 7. They know a great band when they see and hear it. Keep it going.... by #10 we will submit a request to rename the event to RogerFire and the Boyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!" - Frank (re: 2010 Waterfire)

"Hi Roger, I was at Duffy's on Sunday, dancing to the most wonderful music loved it. But what I loved just as much, is the fact that you mentioned our service people a few times, reminding everyone that we had a great time because our military people are protecting us. Just want to say "Thanks" and keep right on reminding people that freedom is not free. I really appreciate what you do-musically and in other ways, too! Thanks." - Pat

"Roger, I want to thank you so much for making our evening so special with great music and the special anniversary announcement!! My girlfriend was feeling a little dizzy from all the spins, but when she heard the announcement and saw everyone looking at us and clapping, it made her feel really special!! Thank you for being so kind and making a truly magical and memorable evening for us!" - Liam (and Michelle!)

"Roger, It was a true pleasure meeting you last Sunday!!!! I really enjoyed being entertained by such amazing talent!!!! I certainly can understand how you are able to obtain such great gigs!!!! Not quite sure how you all pull it off though, as the dedication is outstanding, indeed!!!! Your personal website is quite impressive & I am proud to call myself your newest fan on Facebook." - Lorrie

"Hey Roger, You guys were awesome yesterday... I called that guy at Twin Rivers last time and I will again!" - Ron (re: Seafood Festival)

"Thanks Roger! We had a super time Saturday night ………… What a great place to have a dance!" - Susan

"Roger, You and the All Starz sounded great at Saturday’s Swinging 88’s Dance. You always sound great but I thought this particular performance was exceptional. I know a lot of hard work is involved in creating such a cohesive unit, you guys make it sound as easy and as natural as breathing. I look forward to catching you again when the opportunity arises." - Shirley

"Roger, None-the-less it was fabulous to see, hear and dance to the driving force you and your talented musicians comprise. Great balance, fabulous sound with your bass cabinets pumping the low end, effective song lists and your sense of humor to back up your great voice, made it an irresistible combination keyed for all to get up and dance.... You've got it down so keep on doing it and we will all see you again..." - Frank

"Roger, You ROCK Man!" - Rick

"Hey Roger, You guys where great last night, everybody enjoyed you! So, take it easy out there. Later.." - Jim (Deejay from West Hartford Swing)

"It was absolutely great to see and hear you yesterday. It just makes me miss hearing you that much more. I still love to hear you voice and you can still work a crowd better than anyone I've seen. Keep it up. And it also sounded like you have a new CD coming out this year. Make sure you let me know when" - Ree

"We had a great time today at Twin Rivers and look forward to seeing you guys again. The sound was really good too." - Ron

"God Bless you for your endless devotion and passion for entertaining and leading the live music scene..." - Frank

"Hi Roger et all: I had the pleasure of being entertained by yourself and band at the Gansett in Jamestown last night. My friends and I had a really great time and your dynamics reach right through to the core of the mind and soul while captivating the body. Although I am a Narra RI resident, I live in Northern Las Vegas from October until June where my two grown sons teach school. Do you ever get out to Las Vegas?? If so, I would love to see you. If not, I will be sure to see you again when I return in June. Have a great winter and keep on rocking!!!" - Joyce

"Your backup music is great! Your voice is soo nice!! U r a star, Las Vegas bound??? Thanks sooo much." Lynne

"ROGER YOU "ROCKED THE HOUSE" last night for sure!!! Sounded great!! We had fun. Glenn (a Drummer) thought you were cool and he thought you did some really cool things with your vocals. He liked the fact that you had been a drummer turned vocalist." - Lois (re: Naragansett Inn gig)

"Roger, You guys were outstanding!!!! Just when you think it can't get any better, you guys go above and beyond!! It is such a pleasure to listen to all of you - you and the band always give 110% no matter where you're playing....you and the boys are truly the best! Thank you for giving us such a wonderful time!!! Looking forward to seeing you Friday night." - Linda and Vinnie (re: 2009 Waterfire)

"You and the band sounded great! I'm jealous, what a great gig the Seafood Festival is." - Larry

"Hi Roger, My wife and I go to duffy's for beer and shrimp and last nite we happened by and were sitting up along the rail for 1 and /2 sets.... Last nite was the first time we got the privilege of being given the opportunity to see a professional presentation just by sitting down ...I just wanted to comment on how nice it was to be there! Your voice is one of the best I've heard in the area.. and the musical talent of the All Starz is amazing.. We are Roomful...Montgomery... Robillard.....etc.... fans.. Thank you so much for sharing your talent ..We will go out of my way to see you again.... also... what a great website you have!!" - Ken

"AWESOME! Oh my God!!!!! I had such a great time - you guys were wonderful! See you Aug 1 @ Duffys. If anything sooner, please, please, let me know. I have been telling everyone. Thank you. I can't wait. Love all of you" - Margaret re: Blessing of the Fleet Performance

"Roger, Sunday was great. Thanks for kicking it off. Kids (future customers), Grandparents, and everything else. I think you're engagement with the audience was exactly what this format should bring. Hope the other acts can repeat the performance." - Lowell Thomas (re: the Trio)

"Roger, Sunday was great. Thanks for kicking it off. Kids (future customers), Grandparents, and everything else. I think you're engagement with the audience was exactly what this format should bring. Hope the other acts can repeat the performance." - Lowell (one of the new owners at the Gansett)

"Roger, It was awesome, man! You guys rock. Sorry I couldn't stay longer! Let me know the next time you are scheduled to play -- I'd love to sit in!!!" - E. Mace Lewis (re: Trio @ The Ancient Marnier)

"Hi Roger, my mom plays your CDs (she has both) all the time and I swear not a week goes by when she's not mentioning something about "Roger Ceresi" -- I think you are one of her favorite bands. She sees you play in West Hartford, where she goes dancing." - John DuQuette

"You keep smokin' and kickn' ass ... RC !!!!" - David Colardo

"Hey Roger, Great seeing you to and yes the All Starz kick butt!." - John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band

"Roger, Nice to see you guys last night. The band sounded perfect. Great crowd great vibe in the room, nice talking to the guys in the band, Rob, Joey, Jon, Carl. Thanks for letting me sit in. I really enjoyed it. Everything about it. I wish my gigs were as effortless. Rob is a great player. I learned alot just listening to what he does inside the band, using his guitar with his tone.." - Gary Gramolini, Guitarist for John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band

"Excellent Performance !!!!! Watefires 2008 We should all THANK YOU & THE BOYS for keeping Swing Dancing Alive in Providance You always play to the crowd Keep us Rockin' Looking Forward to #5 2009" - Dennis and Colleen

"A great time.... as always....Your band sounded great as usual....Keep on carrying the torch for live music....Your the best...." - Frank Procaccini (re: Shoreline Swing)

"Hi Roger, We would like to thank you and the boys for making our night ""GREAT"" and also for the nights that we go hear you play. Hope it last forever." - Dennis & Colleen (from the Swinging 88’s re: 2008 Waterfire)

"Dear Roger, What a great evening and you and the guys were fantastic. Thank You." Angela (from the Swinging 88’s re: 2008 Waterfire)

"Roger and the Boys, you all were FAAA-BULOUS as always!!!!! Your energy is contagious and I simply LOVE your version of “All Shook Up”. Thanks for rocking the house yet again!" - Chris (from the Swinging 88’s re: 2008 Waterfire)

"You're Welcome!!!! You guys rocked the city last night (as always). Congratulations - we'll look forward to year #5 - and all the stops in between. Keep on rockin'!" - Ron and Sally Arsenault (re: Waterfire 2008)

"Excellent Performance !!! Tight as ever and your voice gets A +++....... you get it buddy..... Your the best.......All Starz Rule...." - Frank Procaccini (re: Waterfire 2008)

"Hi Roger, We would like to thank you and the boys for making our night GREAT and also for the nights that we go hear you play. Hope it last forever. " - Dennis & Colleen (re: Waterfire 2008)


"Hi Roger, The band plays excellent together and everyone seems to have a great time. You are such a good singer, entertainer and front man. I am really looking forward to seeing you at Waterfire." - Carolyn L.

"Roger, Thanks for the opportunity to play with your terrific band. I had a great time playing with and meeting all of you. I'll be looking for the band next time it comes to the 'Gansett Cafe'." - Joe LiVolsi

"Indeed you did kick ass, Roger; I have been getting e-mails all week with rave reviews." - John Hall (Blues Cruise - Rhythm Room Entertainment)

"Yes...It was a great time. You guys continue to make our dances ones to remember. Take care...." - Zel (West Hartford Swing)

"Roger, We had a great time; you guys sounded great .it was a pleasure to be in your company." - Ed & Carol


"Roger, Thank you for your business card. May 15th at Twin River was my first listening experience with the All Starz. Where have I been? Man was I impressed! I look forward to listening to your great music again. Probably at one of your gigs at River Falls, Woonsocket, RI. Wow!" - David P. Mencarini

"Roger, I enjoyed playing and you sang GREAT...by the way, so far the stand out track is HOW LONG you out sugar'd sugar and that my friend is no small feat! "Send me somone to love?" HOLY @#$! GREAT PERFORMANCE, the range.............jesus, nice job." - Doug Bell, Bellevue Cadillac

"Hi Roger, I wanted to thank you and the band for a wonderful performance last night. Even though the crowd was less than we had hoped, you played like it was a packed house. That's what makes a great performer. Please let the band members know how much I enjoyed their music. It was a real treat." - Joanne from Swing Dancing USA

"Roger, Great job last night!!! You guys were beyond great!" - Stace (from Swingin' 88's re: Goodbye to Swing Daddy Dance at CV Club)

"Hi Roger, You guys were outstanding Saturday night!" - Linda M. Castaldi, Special Assistant, Office of the Governor

"Hey Roger, Great to see you too. We raised over $5300 for my recipient. Thanks so much for your much appreciated participation. The band sounded fabulous and so did you." - Sandra Slonim (re: the Benefit Dance for the Caritas House on April 26, 2008)

"It's always great to hear that swing dance has benefitted a good cause in the community. I'm glad to hear that you had a part in this. It helps me to realize that musician's are 'people' too and that they want to help out the dance community in various ways. Glad to know you and the band." - Zel (West Hartford Swing)

"You guys really know how to deliver the goods. Every time we have you, we think 'Could it possibly get any better?'....then we have you the next time and find out 'Yup, it only gets better!' You were spectacular as always." - Stacy, Swingin' 88's (re: the Benefit Dance for the Caritas House on April 26, 2008)

"Rockin' Swingin' Roger......Another fabulous night with Roger and the Boyz bringing the house down......Keep it up guy..... because of you live music continues to be enjoyed...".- Frank Procaccini

"Thanx, Roger ~ last night was a blast dancin" ~ you guys had the place rockin' ~~ friends ~ new to dance ~ couldn't believe how great you guys were!!" ChaCha~Cindy

"I also get a great deal of very positive feedback about the band. You guys were great last night. Hope you had as much fun as we did....Take care" - Zel, MC of West Hartford Swing Dance

"Hey, you guys where great once again at West Hartford Swing! I hear more people saying: 'They are my favorite Band!'." - Jim, West Hartford Swing

"Roger, everybody loved the band. They were quite bowled over. They were still raving about you at the little after-party, so thank you so much for taking the gig." - Karen Lee Ziner, Providence Newspaper Guild

"Roger, You guys were awesome as usual. A good time was had by all." - Brenda, President, Shoreline Swing East Lyme, CT

"Hey Roger, The flute tonight was a great addition to the group! As always, a fun night of dancing." - Carol Saturn, Warwick

"Hi Roger, OK I read the time you start is 9PM! on this one -- totally enjoyed your bands music --- that piano man is so cool..and your voice is beautiful - soothing to my mind :) (don't tell Alger how much I love your sounds)" - Deb Wahl

"Keep up the great job and solid entertainment you provide.... Cento Anni.... e Salute mi amigo !!!" - Frank Procaccini


"Roger - Great seeing and especially hearing you at both East Lyme and West Hartford in the week. As always you and the Allstarz were FANTASTIC!" - Mary Finnegan

"Once again you guys were Great! at the West Hartford Swing Dance. Everybody UP on the dance floor! And I'm always gonna ask you to play "Back To Memphis",I love it, the dancers love it, and I believe its your signature song! All you guys are fun to have around, so keep it up and be well....." - Jim

"I had a GREAT time watching, listening and dancing to your fabulous band. Hope to see you again soon." - Donna Tschuta

"Thanks for the info Roger.......You guys were at your best!!!! We always enjoy listening to you and the band. We listened to the CDs on the drive home." - Linda and Vinnie Castaldi

"Hi Roger: My husband and I danced the night away to your band at Oakies back in September. You were fantastic!" - J. Powell

"Roger, Steve and I are thinking of going to the Blacktop Blues Bash in Hollis, NH. We would love to see you and Sugar Ray on the same bill - two of our favortite local singers. We always enjoyed both of you at Billias - when Dennis was smart enough to have good music!!" - Connie Pacheco

"Roger, as for "Tight Rope" there are a few things I like: The lyrics are
cool, your vocals are sweet and the song flat out rocks. Not to mention I could probably blow some mean harp to it. I drive 80 miles to work and I always listen to that cd."
- Mark Brissette

"Hey Roger: Hope all is well with you, which it appears to be. Sent away for a copy of your new CD. Have to tell you; you just keep getting better. The CD is awesome. Chuck and I both love it." - Ree

"Hi Rog, Love the new CD. Of course, the band is kicking as always but the vocals were strong. You really put your heart and soul in it. That song “Lil Dog” is now my favorite though, so now you guys have to play it for me whenever I’m at a dance." - Penny (aka "WebGoddess1")

"Hi Roger. You guys were THE bomb (at Waterfire 2007) ....as if you ever are anything else!!! As always, you were a real treat. We had a bunch of people in to see us perform that had never heard you....they all LOVED you!" - Stacy & Shawn, Swingin' 88's

"Roger, you were absolutely fabulous last night Roger (Towers 7/19/07)!!! By far, the best dance I've attended so far this summer!!!" - Mary Mitchell

"Since Saturday night, I have been trying to figure out what to say to you that would indicate my pride and joy at your performance (2007 Waterfire). This is the best I can do: Thank you for the time and effort you all put in to create this wonderful performance. Thank you for the energy , expertise and LOVE you bring to Waterfire". - DJ Swing Daddy

"Hi Roger! I thought the show at waterfire (2007) was as good if not better than the others. I thought the crowd was really responding to you and the band. People of all ages were having a great time. As alway, you guys rock!!!" - Robert G.

"Roger Ceresi and the Allstarz swing band, part of a slew of entertainment at last night’s WaterFire, had hundreds groovin’ on a makeshift dance floor in the Sovereign Bank Plaza down the street from AS220." - Providence Journal, July 15, 2007

"Hi! I saw you guys at Waterfire (2007) last night and YOU ROCKED! Thanks for a great time." - Nancy Peterson

"Hey Rogman - You guys sounded phenomenal on Saturday."- Sharon

"Roger & the Rest of the Gang - Thanks for a GREAT show at the benefit last night! You guys rocked the joint, as always!!! I couldn't stop dancing (at least the times when I wasn't taking pictures). Thanks again for helping to raise money for a great cause!!!" - Christine (Swingin' 88's)

(Re: Swingin' 88's Benefit for "Day One" on 4/28/07) "Roger Ceresi and The Allstarz outdid themselves ----they were magnificent, they never let up---one drivin tune after another---WHAT A BAND!!" - Swing Daddy

"Roger and the rest of the gang - Thanks for a GREAT show at the benefit last night! You guys rocked the joint, as always!!! I couldn't stop dancing (at least the times when I wasn't taking pictures). I'll ask Stacey to share any good ones of the band, if you'd like any. Thanks again for helping to raise money for a great cause!!!" - Christine (one of the Swingin' 88's)

"Hey Roger, I like your voice -- great voice!" - Ken Lyon

"Hi Roger, Heard you at Effins and Duffy's recently. Love the selection of material on both counts. You sound great." - Steve Chianesi

"Steve and I, and all the members of the New London Chapter of USABDA, would like to thank you for acting as our Master of Ceremonies. Your presence added to the evening." - Constance M. Pacheco

"I really enjoyed sitting in with your group tonight. The vocals, musicianship, and professionalism were first class." - Robin John Tewes

"Saw you Friday night at Effins'. Your band sounded great!" - Steve Chianesi

"I was at glens falls last nite in Woonsocket and saw the three piece thing you guys did !! loved it!" - Dave Drew

"Great dance. You guys know how to make a night special!!" - George

"Another great night with Roger and the Boys.
Fabulous entertainment and a great dance floor..... What could be better... Keep us posted so we can dance to the best band around..." -
Frank Procaccini

"At WATERFIRE on Aug 26-- ROGER CERESI and the ALL STARZ rocked out harder than I would have believed possible." - Rick Orcutt

"Thank you for your making 2000 people's night on that dance floor (Waterfire 2006) ...... keep on swingin' Roger !!!!!" -
Frank Procaccini

"To all the guys in the band, you really wowed them last nite at Waterfire 2006 . What a great show , you are the best! Will be seeing more of you I hope in the future, as for Rob Nelson you are the best guitar player I know." - Mary Ann

"You lead the whole gig at Waterfire, you put the fire in Waterfire!" - Barry L Fleischer

"Love your group and your sound! I'm requesting that you record "Back To Memphis" on your next DVD. Everybody wants to know what the song is when you play it at the West Hartford Swing Dance. I always love it..! Great work, Thanks." - Jim

"What a show you put on at Waterfire (Aug. 26)...Fantastic!!!!!!!! The band was in tune, balanced and tight as a drum... the best on the East Coast. Keep up the great entertaining.... you are the best" .... - Frank Procaccini

"Hi guys, great gig at Kevins big bash. You guys were great, and we had a very nice time, class act, and a very classy party. Look forward to seeing you again." - Charlie and Anne

"It was great to see and hear you again. It's far to infrequent lately because of what's going on in my life. As always, you were gracious and accommodating to new friends that I bring around. No one works an audience better than you. I've always said that. You have a great voice and you have the knack to get an audience involved." - Ree

"I know everytime I travel to listen to your band and listen to your singing it will be great. Always perfect pitch, with a great smile and presence...thank you so much for doing what you do so well." - Debbie Wahl

"Great show Saturday night (at Firefly's), truly. I’m looking forward to the Blues Café in June and will hopefully be bringing a large crowd with me. Man, can your drummer jam, or what? That was the most original, most uplifting, jaw dropping drum solo I’ve ever witnessed. The whole band was just incredible!" - Jessica D'Abrosca

"Outstanding" ability of the Allstarz (at Memories), "Continuously" inciting a thirst for more!!!! Nice to see you all again! - Theresa

Roger, Connie and I had a great time with you and Rick DiRocco at Bentley's last Sat. You both sounded great and the tunes were great ones. You did them proud. As someone said recently, "you are one funky white boy". Looking forward to seeing you again soon. - Tony Ciampanelli

The compliments on Roger's performance have not stopped since Saturday and I'm more than thrilled that you and Amy were able to work that out. They were right on the money and I wish we could have them here again - a huge hit all around! - Rob, Music Coordinator for Connecticut College

I really enjoyed again dancing/listening to you & the Allstarz at Bovi's! It's evident how you exhibit your energy, expression, it's from the soul!! That was obvious from the 1st time I heard/saw you @ The Room @ Waterstreet. My girlfriends had a great time! I soo love my music/ soo love to dance. - Theresa & Friends

Just wanted to say thanks for a great night! Anyone who can get me on the dance floor with out being inebriated is number one in my book! I wish I had more time to hang out that night, but I’ll be keeping an eye on your schedule! Catch up with you soon, til then, Be Well! - Valerie Accetura

You were right on again last night! Great show!! - George

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for playing tonight. I really don’t have many words to share except that I think everyone had a great time . . . great food, great fellowship, and GREAT music. No doubt, a blast!!! Roger, it was a pleasure having you sit in with us . . . it would not have been the same without you. LET’S DO IT AGAIN! - E. Mace Lewis

The band sounds great. It's a killer band! - Dave Howard

We love when you guys come to West Hartford ~ will be looking for you around ~ it was a fabulous night!! - Cindy Stevens

Hope all is well and thanks again we had an amazing time and you guys rocked the house. - Evan from Summer 2005 Wedding at Sullivan House, Block Island

You guys were AWESOME. What a Great dance. I heard many people say "This band is really good". What a big crowd to play in front of. It looked like you and the guys were really pumped up. I can't say enough about that evening. FANTASTIC -
Robert G.

"Roger Ceresi's All Starz boast some of the best musicians New England has to offer." - Newport This Week, Article by jim Wright

"Roger Ceresi's All Starz serve top shelf entertainment." - Newport This Week, Article by jim Wright

"You were FABULOUS last night at Waterfire!!!! The sound was really perfect, and the mix was a total crowd-pleaser--WOW! What a gig, huh? Anyway, we had a blast, as always, dancing to the sounds of Roger Ceresi's Allstars. Congratulations on a great dance bonanza!" - Sally & Ron Arsenault (from the Swingin' 88s - 8/28/05)

"Roger Ceresi, whose star band is an easy MATCH for Roomful Of Blues" - Swing Daddy

"This band is certainly worthy of notice. They all manifest outstanding musicianship, reflecting a "big-band" sound, tempered with creative energy, -clearly demonstrated in the framework of their audience. Impressive!" - Mark Caputo, Guitarist

"You really know how to work a crowd and sing your ass off while you're doing it!" - Barry L Fleischer, All Starz Sax Player

5:45 AM and Roger Ceresi is singing on my radio on WJZS !!!!!!!!! "I ain't nothin' but an overgrown fool" !!!! "A good fool is hard to find" Great sound Roger and the boys! Keep the faith and sing on brother. You sound great on the radio ! Take care. - Frank Procaccini

It's Monday. It's raining and so dreary out. I need to be doing 100 errands all about. I climb up into my beloved Ford Explorer and hit the road. Of course the radio don't have nothin but bad on it. So, I say a prayer for all of our soldiers in harm's way and wish they could hear your CD that I click in. All of a sudden me and my truck are just a ball of sunshine tooling down the road! I'm just radiating all kinds of love and happiness into the world fueled by your powerful voice. Up comes two of my most favorite tunes, "Bouncin Back" and "Key to My Kingdom." Roger, I swear, your awesome voice gives me chills and my eyes well from the joy fillin up my soul. It sure don't get no better than this! Listening to your CD was but a quick fix. I'm jones-in to hear you live. I'll be hunting you down soon! So thanks for being a light in my life. I love you Buddy.- Lynne

I don't think Worcester will be the same after that rockin and reelin show you and the All Starz put on Saturday. Make my day!! - George

I heard you last night on the "swing" radio station. Awesome! Hope to see you soon. - Mace

What a night!!!!---Last Saturday all the dancin cats came out to boogie!!!. The Swingin 88s dance featured Roger Ceresi and the All Starz--we were hoping for 100 people we got over 170---the band rocked hard, the dancers danced hard, Right Guard broke down, people from Massachusetts parked inappropriately and Lenny and Liz did a dance that few could identify but all enjoyed. - Swing Daddy

Just wanted to tell you again that I thought you were fabulous!!! We will definitely be running into each other again. - Alley Shanahan

Thank you for always having fun and playing hard! This bad ass band of yours brings a lot of life into all that come to see you! I especially get a kick of how you and the "boys" really seem to enjoy being on stage performing and watching the crowd react to you! - David Colardo

Roger---this cd is SMOKIN !!!!!!!!!---My favorite is #10---Five Months------but all the tracks are really good---sound is good too---NICE JOB!!! - Swing Daddy

I just wanted to know when you will be coming to the Union Blues or anywhere in the Worcester area. We saw you there in August and loved the show! - Dan Kuzmak

Roger you looked so good I just wanted to bite your dimples right off your face. AND you sounded fantastic, better than ever. No kidding. That was the fasted hour of time to pass. I couldn't believe when yous finished. We wanted MORE! It is just so wonderful to just forget about all the troubles in the world and get lost in your orbiting songs and music. YOU are rockin and roaring! - Lynne

When will you be in Connecticut again? You're fabulous! -Sharon N.

About the songs on the cd, I like them all, but if I had to pick favorites, I would say Dance with me, Reelin and rockin, What can I do, Lucille, A good fool..., Sea Cruise. All of the songs are great picks! - Paula Bains

Can't tell you how much you and you band can make someone's day!!! See you all again soon. - George and joann

You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Amy Berdeen

Andrea and I have seen you and the All Starz twice now and have enjoyed your shows very much. We also purchased your CD, which we listen to often. Our friends love the CD too. Looking forward to seeing you again. - Rich

My wife and I caught your show last night at the Hi Hat. Great show! You guys are a lot of fun to listen to and watch. I travel a great deal and hear some of the best bands in the country, but rarely get out when I am home in Rhode Island. I am glad we got out last night. You have two new fans! - Chuck Vecoli

You not only have a fantastic voice..you have the personality to match..your a natural performer! I hope to hear you again sometime soon! I'm loving your new CD. - Kathleen

Hey Roger, Had a great time at the Newport Blues Cafe on Thursday night. You guys rocked! - Chuck Gallant & Lori Fonseca

You guys are incredible. We saw you this weekend at Foxwoods we are the ones from New York transplanted from San Antonio, Texas. - Jim and Veronica Barron

You were wonderful and we cannot thank you enough for your responsiveness to our requests about playing/break time, your great music and your fun style! We have had so much positive feedback about you and your music…. - Linda M. Reilly

And the band was at their best last Sunday, you have amazing audience contact, It is very obvious that the whole band loves what they are doing. - Alan, Promoter & Dance Instructer from Dance2Swing in Leominster, MA

We can't thank you all enough for your support....without the bands, we wouldn't have any where near the crowds we have...and thus no where near the donation...they come for you. We've been lucky to have the best bands around donate their time. You all rocked like mad.....our dancers love you all, as do we. Again, saying thank you just doesn't seem enough. You are the BEST!!! - Stacy Benefit Chair Swingin' 88's

Great show as always! - Randylyn Masse

Great job last night ! You sang your heart out for the people and they could feel the vibe !! It was a pleasure to sit with and play with such good musicians and fine people. Thank the guys once again for making me feel so comfortable and welcomed. Take care and keep your update emails coming as I have received regularly over the months. I will get out to dance and listen again to your fine band. - Frank Procaccini

It was a great dance. Lots of good energy. Thanks for making sure the sound levels were good. Good feedback from crowd and you're always a pleasure to work with. - Zel Dolinsky, Hartford Swing Dance

Watched Roger perform with M.C. and the Swingers, my brother Mark Foster plays trumpet in the band. Roger really bangs out the tunes, a seasoned performer for sure, a class act. - Al Foster

Hey Roger great time Saturday night. you guys were hot. better than Roomful ever dreamed of being... - Deejayjoe

Heard that you put on a great show. Please contact at your earliest convenience. - Mary Cole

We are four couples that like your swing music, and your personality. you do get the place rockin. and we do love to dance. - Dennis & Colleen

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